Become a Seller


Become a seller and Promote Berkey Waterfilters on your website, blog or social media page for a cash commission.

We are always looking for new sellers to sell and promote Berkey Waterfilter systems and if you live in UK - France - Ireland - Belgium - Germany and other EU countries and think you can promote and find customers to buy Berkey Waterfilters from your Website, Blog or Social Media page then please sign up and add the link on your website and we will take care of the rest.

We will pay you 3% fee for every order that comes in from your link.


Your link will have a unlimited referral fee and your friends or customers can use it anytime and you get paid anytime when customers pays on our website.


You simply post the Berkey Waterfilters links to your website or a blog and every time a customer buy from your link you get 3% commission 


Please note.  NO discount coupons or misleading advertising is allowed, like non authentic coupon deals and misleading marketing.  

All misleading marketing on Berkey Waterfilters UK / EU through coupon deal websites is not allowed and will be reported to trading standards if not taken down.  

Berkey Waterfilters UK / EU does not take part in ANY coupon deal websites in UK or Europe and all misleading coupons deals will be reported to trading standards if not taken down.       


We pay out commissions once per year, so keep an eye for the affiliate email or check your dashboard to see your total commission. 

Payouts are in January each year

We will then need your bank account or PayPal details to pay the commission .(UK or Euro bank account only)


All affiliate programs includes a free and Live / Trackable dashboard so you can see your blog posts and keep track on every order and commission coming from your website.

Please use the form below and sign up and we will then email you shortly and inform you if your affiliate program have been approved or not.

This affiliate program is fully automated and and you can post your links or send them directly to your friends or customers as often as you like and we will pay out every 12 months.


PLEASE NOTE 2021:  - We have now suspended the affiliate & become a seller programs in UK and EU 

We can not take any more affiliate or re-sellers accounts and sign ups at the moment

Please check again for year 2024 / 2025